Complete the Business Project described in the text in excel, assignment help

The purpose of this assignment is to interpret the written narrative into a database design. Read the narrative carefully and be thorough in documenting the following:

  • the tables
  • the columns (fields) within each table
  • the logical relationships between the tables (i.e., primary keys and foreign keys)


  • The last sentence of the problem says “He has asked you to create an ERD from the information described here using the Chen model’.
  • The purpose of this assignment is not to demonstrate your knowledge of the Chen model for documenting a database design. There are several ways to document a database model, and students can use the Chen model if they want; but it would also be acceptable (and probably easier) to document the data entities and entity relationships using the simple model shown on the bottom of page C2 –or, using a template similar to what’s shown on the bottom of page C8.


  • To reiterate, the purpose of this assignment is to document the database model: the tables, the fields within the tables and the relationships between the tables -which is separate and distinct from creating a test-bed of sample data. If you find yourself creating records of sample data, see me, you’re probably headed in the wrong direction

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