concept of distribution strategy

4 Page Apa Paper

 Objective: This week you are to submit an academic paper that covers the concept of distribution strategy. You may choose a company that you are familiar with in order to provide your analysis.

Purpose: Your paper should discuss the overall distribution strategy of the company, clearly describe the distribution channels, and why you think the distribution strategy of your company of choice is effective and provides a competitive advantage.

Assignment Description: You are to also provide possible alternatives to the companies distribution strategy in light of what you have learned thus far in the course. When providing alternatives, such should be well-founded, and based on appropriate research rather than simply stating an opinion without support.

Parameters: Your paper should be no less than 1500 to 2000 words, double spaced, written in accordance with APA writing standards which includes consistent citation and reference section. Be sure that you use a minimum of five references to support your discussion. Papers that are not supported or show lack of research will receive a 75% at best.

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