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Prepare a report based on the following cases:


To assess knowledge, understanding and capability of preparing organizational strategy for a new company by identifying threats and opportunities in the market.


 The main objective of this course work is to:

 Identify threats and opportunities in the market by using SWOT analysis.

 Apply knowledge for strategy formulation related to organisational strengths and weakness

 Analyse knowledge for developing an alternative strategy by using TOWS matrix.


Part 1 identify a company in construction and property which has launched a new business in Muscat. Perform SWOT analysis for the firm to identify main threats and opportunities in the market

Part 2 Formulate strategy for the above company by relating organisational strengths and weakness to environmental threats and opportunities identified through SWOT analysis

Part 3 Develop an alternate strategic plan for the above company by using TOWS matrix.

Marking Criteria for the report:

Introduction: Should state about the company, Vision, Mission, objectives & about the market.


Strengths, weaknesses & their discussion


Opportunities, threats & their discussion


Strategy Formulation with justification


TOWS Matrix (Alternative strategies with justification)


Conclusions: A short, logical summing up of the theme(s) developed in the main text. Must conclude based on body of report and should not be a general conclusion.


References/ Bibliography and appendices (if appropriate): Details of published sources of material referred to or quoted in the text


Total weightage:



 The word count for this coursework is 3000 words

 Content and style of presentation of report is as per the college general requirement.

 The assignment is to be carried out individually

 Evaluation will be done individually.

 Pictures downloaded or copied from websites will not be accepted.

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