cost benefit analysis

cost benefit analysis

BA 301 – Research & Analysis of Business Problems

Homework Assignment #6 — Decision Tools


· Using the weighted matrix provided in D2L you will choose one solution.

· Perform a cost/benefit analysis of your solution.

· This is the ONE assignment that does not require a bibliography.

Assignment: 2 tables

1) Weigh your possible solutions in a weighted matrix table. On the lines below the table describe your 3 proposed solutions in 1-2 sentences each.

You have completed a thorough contextual analysis of your company, and have identified a problem that you will tackle in the paper. Based on your causal analysis, brainstorm and identify 3-4 plausible solutions to address the problem. Be sure they are feasible and ethical solutions. Your solutions should make sense and show solid business decision thinking.

Using the weighted-criteria decision matrix tool we discussed in class, and business thinking to determine key criteria you will use to evaluate the solutions. Build your matrix and evaluate which of the solutions will best solve the problem.

2) Take the ONE solution from your weighted matrix table and do a cost benefit analysis.

Using the Cost Benefit Analysis tool discussed in class, identify the tangible and intangible costs and benefits associated with your solution. At this point I just want you to identify and list them. If possible, you should try to quantify the tangible components in your final paper. Put this in a table format.

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