Creating an Action Plan to Reduce HRM Legal Liability

strategic business role of human resource members is guiding the organization through defining and implementing policies and procedures that ensure a safe, equitable, and compliant workplace. Organizations should have a range of policies and procedures in place to monitor the workplace and actions taken by leaders at all levels.

Review and evaluate the current policies, procedures, and standards the organization uses to guide leaders in the following areas: Managing employee performance including effective disciplinary policies Compliance with EEO regulations Maintaining ADA compliance Ensuring a fair and equitable workplace where employees are selected, promoted, and managed based on qualifications and performance

Prepare a Word document that addresses each of the following: Using the areas researched above, describe the current policies, procedures, and standards the organization uses to ensure a fair and equitable workplace. Provide detailed analysis on at least 3 current policies, procedures, or standards that are effective. What are the subjects of these policies, procedures, or standards? Describe the guidance that they provide. How are they effective at meeting the organization's needs? Give a specific example of how they guide leaders in their actions.

Note: You should include a minimum of 4 scholarly references

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