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All questions must have it own references after the question. APA guidelines, correct English and grammar, complete word count, good up to date references. Proper citations if needed. No cover sheet just answer question. This book is where we get the information and must be used as one of the references:

Textbook(s)Bohm, R. M., & Haley, K. N. (2012). Introduction to criminal justice (7th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.

All question must have it own reference after the answer. The word count is after each question.

1 Explain the difference between each of the following pairs: a) original and appellate jurisdiction, b) general and special jurisdiction, and c) subject matter and personal jurisdiction. 150 word count

2. Describe the responsibilities of a judge. (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

3. What three conditions must be met before a prosecutor charges a person with a crime and prosecutes the case? Why do prosecutors sometimes choose not to prosecute criminal cases? 11. Discuss problems that could occur due to one person having so much power and discretion. (respond with a minimum of 200 words)

4. Identify the type of court structure in the United States and describe its various components. Identify the ten purposes of courts. 150 word count

5. What are three basic types of plea bargains? What factors do prosecutors consider when deciding whether or not to plea bargain and what kind of bargain to make?200 word count. B. In a minimum of 100 words, describe the interests served and not served by plea bargaining.

6. List and define the stages of a criminal trial. (250 word count)

7. Identify the general factors that influence a judge’s sentencing decisions. Describe how judges tailor sentences to fit the crime and the offender. (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

8. List five rationales or justifications for criminal punishment. Which rationale for criminal punishment is the only one that specifically addresses what has happened in the past, and what are its two major forms? (250 words count.)

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