data management & analysis

Question 2 Please read the Stone et al., paper (pp. 276-279 only) found in the course documents tab. The Stone article– is an outstanding article on research methods concepts (e.g. define the problem, review the literature, propose hypotheses).
Note how for the first theme, "Organization Size"?, the first Hypothesis is: Larger non profits receive a greater proportion of government funds than smaller non profits?
Question: How is the proposed hypothesis supported by the literature. Answer: This hypothesis is supported by how the authors use the sources from Rosenthal (1996) and Smith and Lipsy (1993). The authors use these references to argue that "size does matter"?; that larger non profits get a larger share of funding due to the fact that they have fully developed administrative systems.
Please take the example I just provided and analyze the same for the following headings in the Stone et al., article

Work on Managerial Systems and Use of Volunteers
Racial Diversity and Affirmative Action

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