Demonstrate project leadership skills; identify and assess risk in designing and executing… 1 answer below »

b. Demonstrate project leadership skills; identify and assess risk in designing and
executing a major project;
c. Reflect on current project management ethics, research, theory and practice;
d. Explain projects effectively through planning, leadership, monitoring,
teamwork and global awareness
Assessment Scope
This assessment task is designed to be completed in teams of 3-5 members assigned by each tutor.
Allocated teams will be advised in their computer labs throughout Weeks 6 and 7 and/or by corporate
email. You have to choose a real ICT Project or Case Study to prepare a Project Management Plan (PMP).
If you can’t find a suitable project or case study, contact your lecturer or tutor asap.
The purpose of the assignment is to develop a thoroughly researched and professionally designed
project management plan, including a project proposal to be approved by your supervising tutor and a
final presentation. The PMP should assess and analyse all project management, quality and constraint
elements and criteria relevant to successful project completion.
The project duration should be between 3 to 12 months. Once your project proposal has been approved
by the supervising tutor, the team is required to address all stages and management processes of the
project as outlined throughout the unit. This includes execution and post implementation review,
recommendations for future improvements and use of suitable PM software such as MS Project 16 or
Potential Assignment Topics and Case Study Resources
• System Architecture in IoT Platform
• Developing Cloud Solutions in the Banking sector
• Analytics and Data Security in Social Media network
• User Platform/App DevOps
• Legacy System integration with Cloud Services
The assignment cover should clearly state all team members’ details including MIT ID. The PMP title
cover must outline nominated Project Manager, PM Assistant and Associates. The Project Manager
must nominate only 1 team Member responsible for submitting the assignment on Moodle. The PMP
should clearly identify the proposed strategic change, expected outcomes, key milestones and
deliverables, and appropriate project planning and reporting templates. It should include the following
key points.
• Project Proposal (See template on next page)
• Clear outline of the project including title, start and end dates, goals and objectives
• Functional and non-functional requirements
• Team members’ skills (hard and soft), qualifications and levels of experience and
responsibility. See SFIA Framework:
• Project Master Plan (See template on next page)

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