Describe 3 non US headquartered companies, assignment help

Identify 3 non US headquartered companies traded on some tier of the pinksheets. Describe the companies. Do not copy and paste from the site. Is there any news about the company? What is it trading at?

For instance I found Bougainville Copper, which is headquartered in Papua New Guinea. It currently sells for $0.12 but currently there is no volume for the stock. No information is available for the company (it trades in the “grey market”, which means no broker-dealer is willing to trade the stock.) I also found a “buyer beware” company called Yiyi International from China, which is the subject of pending litigation for fraud. Its industry classification appears to be in the “dairy” sector of the economy, but it claims it is engaged in contracting “conversational interface technology” to NASA. No quote will be provided until it provides the necessary information to the OTCBB.

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