Describe Irish music

music worksheet

Name MUS108 Music Cultures of the World Points /40

Winter 2018 Exam 2

(Take Home, open notes – NOT open book)

Matching – (1 point each, 8 points total)

Match each term with one of the following cultures by writing the corresponding letter in the blank space:

A. India

B. Bali

C. Ireland

1. _______sitar

2._______kilitan telu







9. Describe Irish music. Please include information from each of the 3 different “eras” discussed in the book. (4 points)

10. Describe a raga in detail, with much attention paid to form, instruments, and development/barhat. (4 points)

11. What effect did the potato famine have on the culture and music of Ireland? (6 points)

12. What is ombak? Please explain it in detail, including how it is achieved. (4 points)

13. What is the difference between ceili and session? (2 points)

5. Listening Exercise – 12 points ( 4 points each) Sound Files are on Moodle!!!

Listen to the sound clips. See if you can guess what culture/tradition they come from. You may even be able to guess the type/form of music. Please write down your thought process. What are the clues? Why might it be from one particular culture? Listen to instruments, form, texture. The right answer is not the goal. What I need to see is your reasoning. You could get full credit even if you guess the wrong culture, provided your reasoning is sound. Complete sentences are not needed; lists are fine.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

Clip 3.

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