Describe the situation you wish to change or improve

EDU 671 Week 2 Journal

Consider what Mills (2014) offers regarding preliminary information gathering, also known as reconnaissance. Three forms of reconnaissance are described including self-reflection, description, and explanation.  According to Mills (2014), these activities help clarify what the teacher researcher already knows about the proposed focus of the study, what they believe to be true about the relationships of the factors, variables, and contexts that contribute to the work environment; and what they believe may improve the situation.
Use the “Research in Action Checklist 3 – 2” on page 46 of Mills to perform reconnaissance of your own.  Format your one- to two-page Word document in accordance with APA format including the following components as sub-headings:

  1. Self-Reflection
  • Reflect on your area of focus in teaching and learning, in light of your values and beliefs; your understandings about the relationships among theory, practice, school, and society; how things got to be the way they are; and what you believe about teaching and learning.
  1. Description
  • Describe the situation you wish to change or improve       (keep consistent with assignment #1 with a brief explanation of the problem or situation).
  • Describe the evidence you have that the area of focus is indeed, a problem.
  • Identify the critical factors that affect your area of focus.
  1. Explanation
  • Explain the situation you intend to investigate by hypothesizing how and why the critical factors you’ve identified affect that situation.

Please do not answer in bullets. Discuss in your own voice.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries.
Assignment Submission

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