Developing New Products and Services


Marketing HW

The purpose of this assignment is to keep students up-to-date with current events, encourage critical thinking and develop writing skills for communication in an online environment. Students are required to select an article from a popular press newspaper (e.g., Wall Street Journal) or magazine (e.g., Business Week) and post this article within the designated discussion forum, write a summary and comment on the article by providing a personal perspective on the situation or company and comment in a critical way. Aim for 350-500 words. The postings should focus on specific marketing issues and apply the concepts used in the related class.

Be creative. Be sure to acknowledge what specific marketing issues to which your article relates. Give your opinion on the article and describe why you find it interesting.

IMPORTANT: Business articles discussed in this post should be published on or after November 19, 2017.

Biz News Possible Concepts:

  • Chapter 10: Developing New Products and Services
    • Types of Consumer Products
    • Degree of Newness (Product Innovation)
    • New Product Development Process
  • Chapter 11: Managing Successful Products, Services, and Brands
    • Product life cycle
    • Branding
    • Brand equity
    • Branding strategies
    • Packaging and Labeling Benefits
  • Chapter 12: Services Marketing
    • The Four Is of Services
    • Search, Experience, and Credence Properties

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