Developing Teams In Business: Characteristics And Role Within The Team (Essay Sample)

P6 – Review the team’s overall effectiveness, together with your contribution to achieving the goals, receiving and providing feedback to other team members.

The review of the teamworking activity for P6 can be presented in any appropriate written form and must be carried out individually.
The review should incorporate the characteristics and roles within the team, the leadership/management style of the team leaders, causes (or possible causes) of conflict and how it is/would be resolved.
This can be followed by how performance is monitored and an overall judgement of how well the team and team leaders performed.
Feedback between team members and the team leader may arise naturally as the activity is happening, but it could be carried out immediately after the team activities have finished (as a full group or in sub-groups or pairs), and witnessed by the tutor.
You could include the following headings:
1) Characteristics and role within the team

2) Leadership style of all team leaders

3) How All Team Members Performed (including yourself)

4) Causes or Possible Causes of Conflict and How was it Resolve/Could be Resolved

5) Feedback Between Team Members and Team Leaders (how you all felt each other performed after a discussion)


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