The Development of Marketing and the Marketing Process

12 APA Paper

  Purpose: For the midterm assignment, you are to write an academic paper entitled: “The Development of Marketing and the Marketing Process.” You are to provide an overview of the concept of marketing from the early stages to current marketing initiatives, strategies, processes, and trends. You are to fully support the midterm paper with extensive research with both text material and peer-reviewed literature.

Description: This is an academic assignment and authoritative sources are required and should be retrieved through the University’s research library. Web sources such as e-how, Wikipedia, or personal blogs are not acceptable. You are expected to discuss the concepts of marketing in a way that demonstrates graduate-level critical thinking skill, extensive analysis, and evaluation of current research.

Parameters: The paper is to be written in accordance with APA writing standards, which includes a cover page, an introduction, the body of discussion, a conclusion, and a reference section. You are to use a minimum of eight to ten sources as evidenced your reference section. The paper is to be between 12 to 15 pages in length double-spaced.

The safe assign originality percentages should not exceed 20%. Any papers exceeding 20% will come under scrutiny. Any paper far exceeding 20% will risk being forwarded to university administration and the possibility of disciplinary action. No exceptions.

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