Did the speaker communicate the thesis in a manner appropriate for the topic and audience?

This topic does not have to be related to your conference presentation topic, just related to your intended degree program. For example, if you are a culinary student you can use the keyword “culinary” in your search.
The recommended website to use for locating a quality conference presentation is ted.com/. However, if you find a quality conference presentation on another site, please feel free to use that one as well. If you are unsure whether or not a video meets these requirements, please contact your faculty mentor as early in the milestone as possible and he or she can assist.
You must find a presentation that includes audio and video (you need to see and hear the speaker) and you must provide the URL link in your response. The speech must also be at least 5 minutes in length.
Using the below checklist, you will critique the presentation on its effectiveness by answering each of the following questions in your response.
Speech Checklist
Was the goal of the speech to inform or persuade the audience?
Did the speaker communicate the thesis in a manner appropriate for the topic and audience?
How did the speaker demonstrate s/he was credible and skilled?
In what ways was the speech intellectually stimulating?
In what ways was the speech creative?
How does the speech convince the audience that the topic is relevant?
How was emphasis used in the speech?
Was the speech well organized? Did the organization hinder or help the message?
How were visual aids used? Which were most effective? Least?
Were the main points well made?
Describe and evaluate the introduction.
Describe and evaluate the conclusion.
Describe and evaluate the speaker’s voice tone, inflection, and volume.
Describe and evaluate the speaker’s eye contact and gestures.
How was the overall quality and effectiveness?
In your response, do not simply write “Yes,” “No,” and “Good.” Provide a detailed critique of the speech. Remember when writing critiques to be specific, constructive, supportive, and offer suggestions for improvement when appropriate.

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