Discuss how to use the principles of Conscious Capitalism on markets outside of USA- 4-6 pages APA

For this Assignment, we will be asking you to use your critical thinking skills and apply the concepts relating to The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism; Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Culture, (traditionally applied to a business), to the governments of each of the countries that are possible expansion possibilities.

This Assignment where you research markets outside the United States and discuss how to use the principles of Conscious Capitalism to determine appropriate expansion strategies explores the professional skills of:

·Global awareness

·Awareness of ethical issues and responsibilities

·Make ethical decisions and solve problems

·Work effectively in teams

In a 4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding text, diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, address the following:

·Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of looking at government as a business using at least 4 scholarly sources to support your thoughts in addition to the readings. Conclude by discussing how you can use the principles of Conscious Capitalism in your work analyzing the possible markets for expansion.

·Research the markets that you can expand into from your home base in Chicago; Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai using The Four Principles of Conscious Capitalism as a base

·Higher Purpose

·Stakeholder Orientation

·Conscious Leadership

·Conscious Culture

·Create a profile for each of the expansion areas (Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai) using at least one of the Four Principles for each expansion area to demonstrate you understand the requirements. You may also include other information on each of these expansion possibilities, i.e., the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions, hard data on population and age demographics, but your main focus should be on the Conscious Capitalism areas.

·Using the results of this analysis and knowing the cultural profile your company leadership has already creating make detailed recommendations for expansion progression. Response should include in-depth description of your company, its products, and other relevant information to support the recommendations. For example, the country with the strongest connection to your company culture will be the easiest to expand into, and the country with the weakest connection may be the last.

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