Discuss the relationship between effective communication, the four concepts that are part of the marriage market (endogamy, exogamy, homogamy and heterogamy), and the wheel theory of love.

Complete this work already done by  1st  question remaining parts are left to complete it
Have to keep it only to the school textbook as a source and no bolding required if that makes it any easier.
Also, don’t need to do a cover page or running head or bibliography as supposed to only use my textbook for any of the rest. Just title Strobel RP or BD # Thanks again look forward to the rest.
Reason: Incomplete

He’s still working on it. This is just one part

Please  submit to me the answer for the first question as soon as you finish as I have to get that one in asap. 

– This professor is tough. Please see paper he graded so you get an idea

. That doc is to show you what he is looking for: action reports are a test of your knowledge of and ability to use material in your text. As the instructions indicate, define/explain all sociological material in detail. Mention the names of relevant people. Use (present, define/explain and concisely illustrate) relevant course concepts whenever possible! Reaction reports are not research papers and you should not uses any sources other than your text!

Seven Questions total each reaction paper answer has to be at least 1.5- 2 pages double spaced.

Brief discussions can be shorter. 

Sep Word Documents for each. I need reaction paper 4 asap 

I am using turnitin.com for originality report. 

Thomas Edison State SOC-210 

Assignment 4: Reaction Paper

Discuss the relationship between effective communication, the four concepts that are part of the marriage market (endogamy, exogamy, homogamy and heterogamy), and the wheel theory of love. The assignment requires you to synthesize material from three chapters (5, 7, and 8) and to use various concepts (with definitions) to support your answer. Use specific references to course material that goes beyond the concepts noted in the question.

Assignment 5: Reaction Paper

What is a sexual script? How is it formed? When is it called into play? What does it do for us? What assumptions do we make about others’ scripts? In your answer, make reference to relevant research and researchers noted in your course materials.

Assignment 6: Brief Discussion

Should gay and lesbian couples have the right to marry each other in the United States today?

Assignment 7: Reaction Paper

The contemporary family has increasingly become a dual-earner family. Traditionally, women tended to domestic chores and men earned an income. This model is less and less prevalent. Explain what is happening to the family’s traditional division of responsibilities. Use specific references to course material to support your answer.

Assignment 8: Brief Discussion

Sociologists sometimes talk about the U-shaped curve of marital satisfaction. Supposedly, married couples are the happiest before they have children and after their children have grown up and left home. Do you agree with this finding—it is not a theory but is based on numerous surveys—and can you explain why you think that this curve is accurate or not accurate?

Assignment 9: Brief Discussion

Discuss your own ideas about the factors that explain intimate violence in the United States. What measures do you think should be taken to prevent intimate violence?

Assignment 10: Reaction Paper

Over the years, respected authorities have changed their minds several times concerning divorce and its impact on children. Based on your readings, discuss the literature that focuses on the effect divorce has on children. Use specific references to course materials to support your answer.

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