Discuss the two essential decisions involved in every computation.

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Chapter 10: Computation Methods: Calculators, Mental Computation, and Estimation

#1 and 4 are worth 2 points each, the others are worth 1 point each. 10 total possible


1. Discuss the two essential decisions involved in every computation.

2. Instructional goals for teaching computation include teaching children to:

A. master one method for solving multiple problems

B. develop competence with each of the computational methods

C. determine the reasonableness of a result

D. all of the above

E. only B and C

3. T or F More than 80% of all mathematical computations in daily life involve written computation and estimation, rather than mental computation.

4. In terms of teaching mental computation, written computation, and estimation, how much time would you devote to each and why?

5. Barry explained how he mentally solved the problem, 24 + 23. He said, “I added 20 plus 20 which makes 40 , added 4 plus 3 which makes 7, and then added 40 plus 7 to get 47.” Which mental computation strategy is Barry using?

A. adding from the left

B. counting on

C. making tens

D. doubling

E. bridging

6. Some words used in connection with estimation include all of the following, except:

A. about

B. approximate

C. exact

D. close enough

E. almost

7. T or F Different estimation strategies can work for the same problem.

8. According to your text, which of the following should always be used to check the reasonableness of the result?

A. written computations

B. calculators

C. teachers

D. estimations

E. classmates

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