Please use attached resources. Also at least 300 word per LA

LA1 Analyzing change

Using chapter 14, sections 14.2 & 14.3, as the basis of your response, give us a brief plan to manage a major change within an organization that you are familiar with. Start with an introductory paragraph telling us the situation. The bulk of your response should be an explanation of your overall plan in which you give sufficient description of the organization for our understanding.

LA2 Changing culture

Fig. 15.12 of chapter 15 (from week 6) gives us the six steps to changing internal culture. How do these align with the methods to manage change in chapter 14 (e.g. Kotter’s and Lewin’s models)? Propose to us a plan to change internal culture that will fit within the overall change management plan in LA1.

For both of our LA’s this week you might find helpful:

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