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Instructions: Fill out each section completely, answering each portion of the prompt. Be sure to delete the instructions from each section. Then, copy and paste your answer into the Unit 2 Discussion Board. Please do not attach the document.

Section 1: Mock Posts40 points

The trending topic I will be writing about for this unit is ___HealthCare____________________.

  1. Mock Tweet
    1. In 140 characters or less, express your thoughts on what you have learned in your research, including a hashtag.
  2. Mock E-Mail
    1. Compose a short e-mail relating to your chosen topic. The e-mail must include the following fields:
      1. A “to:” and “subject:” line
      2. An appropriate signature
      3. An introductory greeting to set the context
      4. Interesting information including at least 1 reference to a source,
      5. A concluding statement

The e-mail should not exceed 7–10 sentences, total.

  1. Mock Facebook Post
    1. In a posting to your Facebook followers, craft a summary of your discovery that expresses your reaction to the information and possible ways your followers might need or use your discovery.

Section 2: Purpose and Audience15 points

For each entry, explain the “voice” you’ve adopted (your perspective), your intended audience, and your purpose behind the communication. Also, discuss how the different platforms affected your purpose, audience, and message.

Section 3: Justification Paragraph10 points

In a brief, 3-5-sentence paragraph, explain some of your choices (vocabulary, tone, details, examples, and the type of research cited) that shape the message and how the mes

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