Discussion-Unit 2- 250 words each

Discussion 1

It is important for you to understand how the four perspectives discussed in the text contribute to the definition of organizational communication.

Review the four perspectives (communication as information transfer, transactional process, strategic control and a balance of creativity and constraint).

  • Discuss how each of the four perspectives is used by you and others in your organization.
  • Explain which perspective is used the most often in your organization
  • Explain which perspective (s) are not used at all in your organization and why

Make sure to include text material to support your points.

Discussion 2

Review the four types of organizational dialog described in Chapter 2.

  • Which of the four dialogues do you use the most often in your workplace? Why?
  • Describe which is the most important for employees to use.
  • Discuss which dialogue you think has the most limitations for employees.

Explain with specific examples and support from the text.

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