Do you think lawsuits promote and encourage police accountability, Why or why not?, law homework help

Key Points: Citizen complaints, immunity, internal affairs, police officer bill of rights, code of ethics, professionalism, accreditation.

Objective: List and explain five external measures, other than litigation, for promoting police accountability.

All officers, managers, administrators, agencies and political subdivisions are liable for their any intentional or negligent act of misconduct of subordinates under U.S.C. Title 42 Section 1983, Civil Rights Act of 1871. Presumably the threat of such an allegation is designed to ensure accountability as well as assign responsibility. The prevalence of tort actions under this authority has increased exponentially since the 1960’s. Failure to hire, train, and supervise are among the many reasons why an action can be initiated. When examining your response to this question identify a specific act and associate it with a possible defense.


Do you think lawsuits promote and encourage police accountability? Why or why not? Please include references if used.

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