Effective Orientation, business and finance homework help

Please use the Chapter 10 Power point slides and the instructor’s manual to answer the questions below.

Questions for Review

  1. What is an orientation designed to do? What are the characteristics of an effective orientation?
  2. How are organizations dealing with diversity? Are the methods effective? Why or why not?
  3. What are the important components of an effective sexual harassment strategy?
  4. Why is team training necessary? What are the seven components of effective teams? What are some of the KSAs required of team members in effective teams?
  5. How can training affect the selection of competent candidates for vacant positions? What would you recommend an organization do to ensure that everyone receives equitable opportunities for promotions?
  6. In today’s environment, why is it important for organizations to focus on training of basic literacy skills?
  7. Why is safety training an important component of the training mix in so many companies? What is the biggest concern regarding safety training that was noted in the survey referenced in the chapter? Is it fixable, and if so how?

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