The Writing Placement Test consists of an article for you to read and two writing tasks. After reading the article, you must write a one-paragraph summary of it, and then you must write an essay based on the article. You will access the test online and write it at home or where you normally write; you will have time to think carefully about your writing and revise and edit it before submitting it online.

You must submit your final draft electronically using a word processing program. Your work must be saved and submitted as a Word document (a file ending in .doc or .docx) or a rich text file (which ends in .rtf). Our test website only permits us to view certain types of documents. Do not submit a Microsoft Works file (ending in .wps), a Google document, or an HTML file. Sending the wrong file type could result in delays in your placement and course scheduling.

Two readers will evaluate your summary and essay to determine your placement based on your performance. The readers are experienced writing instructors who teach ENG 1100. They are carefully trained to read placement tests.

You will have a 4-hour period within which you will log into the test, read the article, and then write and upload a summary and essay. 

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