English Prospectus “outline”

The Specifics

·      Must be 6-8 pages, double spaced

·      Times New Roman, 12 pt font

·      Hook and Title

·      Note the Essay Option

·      Attach visual, if applicable

·      Sources: Must include at least FIVE acceptable sources with proper in-text citation and a Works Cited page (APA or MLA)

The Requirements


Please follow this template:

·      One to two pages

·      List your option

·      Will you be using an existing essay or starting fresh with a new topic?

·      Working Thesis Statement

·      Draft outline/organization – give me a general, brief sense of where you envision this paper heading

·      Sources – list out the sources you’ve already identified and a general word on the types of sources you’re hoping to access very soon

o   My hope is to find another source that explains the type of philosophical reasons that exist for people to not get vaccinated

o   I want to find something that shows the inaccuracies of the internet

o   I want to hopefully find a quote from a doctor that is annoyed with people using the internet to diagnose themselves

·      Questions for me, challenges you’re running into, concerns, etc. These will be discussed during your individual mid-term conference with me.

Annotated Bibliography

You’ll need at least five sources for this paper. In this assignment, you’ll be required to list out all your sources, provide a summary, and tell me how you’re planning on applying it to your argument/paper. We will discuss this in greater detail in the coming weeks.

Oral Presentation

Each student will share their final project in a 10 minute presentation. You’re encouraged to utilize visuals, media, Prezi/PPT. Provide a high-level overview of your project; make it engaging and interesting.

Final Paper

The whole shebang. This is where it all comes together in one nice, pretty, well-researched and organized paper.

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