What is the relationship between guns, street gangs, and drug trafficking organizations? Why do you think guns are such a significant part of the gang culture? What value does a gun have for a gang member? Explain why and how violence can change a person, from all three of the perspectives: victim, witness, and perpetrator.

LENGTH: Each forum post should be a minimum of 6 to 8 paragraphs long. Each paragraph should have 5 to 8 sentences with proper English. Do not post foul language and photographs. This section of the rubric is worth 6 points.

CONTENT: The content in your posts is important. If you use material from the text or outside source please cite appropriately. You can state your opinion based on experience, comments can be controversial. You can reply to any post agree or disagree. We are looking for spirited comments. This section of the rubric is worth 10 points.

TIMELINESS: All forum posts are due Thursday by midnight. Posts will only be accepted for 24 hours after the deadline that will be Friday of every week by midnight. Late post will lose 4 points and the max score they will receive will be 16/20. This section of the rubric is worth 4 points.

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