essay questions Real Estate Law

DUE May 14, 2017 pm eastern

Assignment – Essay Questions

**Remember, you must give the Source(s) of your answers and each answer must have at least one cite to the Textbook (with specific page references).

If you do not give your Sources WITH SPECIFICITY you will not get credit.

These are the Essay Topics: (min. 100 words EACH Essay; explain in detail each topic below and use examples).

1. Explain the process of Partition, including why it may be necessary and how it can be achieved.

2. Explain the differences between a Joint Tenancy with the Right of Survivor ship and a Tenancy In Common. Additionally, please provide examples of how a Joint Tenancy with the Right of Survivor ship can be “severed.”

The text book is listed below. CAN NOT USE WIKIPEDIA

Practical Real Estate Law – 3 Year Option, 7th Edition
Daniel F. Hinkel

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