Essay Three: Academic Exposition Essay Assignment Sheet Your Task:

For Unit Two, you will write an informative academic essay based on library/Internet research explaining the complexities surrounding a global issue about which American college students are not likely to be well-informed. A “global issue” is an issue that also affects those outside the United States and Canada. The paper should inform readers of the problem/issue, examine its complexities, and discuss what is being done to address it.

Imagine that your reader is interested in what you have to say and has some background knowledge, generally speaking, about your topic, but you (will) know more because of the research you will conduct. This insight will render your reader’s view of what you’ve researched “mistaken or overly narrow.” Your task is to break us away from our common, inadequately informed view by inviting us to consider “a new, surprising view.”

Since our theme is “Multiple Perspectives on a Global issue,” it is to be expected that the new view you present will emerge from those multiple perspectives. You must work with at least three sources that will each present different perspectives.  Your thesis should assert your understanding of the connections and differences among these perspectives and show readers something new, or something that is likely to be surprising to them about the various views.

What you need to do:

1. Define and narrow a research topic by posing and analyzing a research question.  Use skills of evaluation and analysis to select potential sources for the paper.

2. Address an audience of classmates and teacher who are less informed about the specific topic than the writer, but part of a common conversation about global issues.

3. Employ a thesis statement (an answer to research question regarding a global issue) to state the purpose the essay.

4. Craft an introduction that presents the thesis about a surprising view in relation to a knowledge gap.

5. Employ your own ideas as main points of paragraphs, use points-to-particulars to develop your body paragraphs, and use details from readings and research as supporting evidence.

6. Integrate sources smoothly into the paper’s prose using accurate and appropriate summary, paraphrase, and quotations (no block quotations.

7. Create an effective conclusion that moves beyond mere summary (think, “so what?”).

Format and Grade:

  • 4-6 double-spaced pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman font

  • One-inch margins, one-inch header and footer and an MLA header.

  • Carefully chosen direct reference (quotations) from the text under consideration.

  • Incorporate these quotations using APA style formatting.

Running head: GLOBAL GUN POLICIES 1 Global Gun PoliciesNameInstitution GLOBAL GUN POLICIES 2Global Gun Policies The debate over gun control in America provides waxed and waned through the…

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