Evaluation program Stage 3 needed

Evaluation program

Evaluation proposal for this assignment you will be designing a comprehensive hypothetical evaluation on a program of your choices. this assignment will incorporate the materials from throughout the semester and will be submitted in three stages.

Stage 1

The first stage will include an introduction to program and plan . once you have identified a program of interest you will need to describe the program, describe the program theory and outline the specific ( process and outcome). has been completed

Stage 2

The second stage will describe the design of the process evaluation, include the sources of date approach to date collection and analysis, and proposed methods of feedback. 2- 3 pages has been completed

Stage 3

The final evaluation plan will build on the first two stage and include a description of the design of an outcome evaluation. your plan should address hoe you will deal with measurement, causality, and sampling issue as well as date collection, analysis, and deliverables. ( including graphics and diagrams ) 10 pages I need help with stage 3

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