Even the Blue Boxes Have Gone Green, management homework help


As governments and consumers increasingly demand environmentally and socially sustainable products, companies are finding their own ways to achieve sustainable supply chain performance. Although some companies are still struggling to define sustainability in a way that is relevant to their business, others have led the pack. In this discussion, you investigate how a well-known luxury retailer, Tiffany & Co., has defined its sustainable supply chain strategies and practices.


For this discussion, explore the website below, compose your response to the questions, and post your response to the discussion forum, “Even the Blue Boxes Have Gone Green.”

  • Explore the Tiffany & Co “Corporate Responsibility” website http://www.tiffany.com/sustainability
  • Respond to the following questions in one initial posting:
    • Which sustainable supply chain practice used by Tiffany & Co. has the most valuable impact on the environment? Explain your position.
    • Which sustainable supply chain practice used by Tiffany & Co. is the most innovative? Explain your position.
    • What other supply chain practices can Tiffany & Co. implement so it can become more environmentally responsible?

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