Explain ethics standards expected of government and contractor personnel,compare and contrast this to Program Management , business and finance homework help


Explain ethics standards expected of government and contractor personnel,compare and contrast this to Program Management and the overview regarding ethical behaviors in Government Contracting.

STUDENT 1 (james):

Using the proper ethics in any business setting should be the priority of any member of the business community. Greed generally does take over in these types of settings so personal motives and behavior change quite a bit when a job or the jobs of family members are on the line. The example used for this week’s lesson about the Boeing Company and the United States Air Force is something that strikes really close to home. Myself being in the Air Force this type of person represents me and my fellow Airmen. She used her influence over the control of Air Force funds to get jobs for her and her family members which is something that is beyond unethical, and breaks rules right down to our core values, service before self, excellence in all we do, and integrity first.

This person broke all of those core values. This is something that is railed into us from day one. It is engrained in our DNA as Airmen. She used her influence to make money for a company instead of saving money for the tax payer. Using unethical ways to save or spend money must be investigated and punished just as it was done here. We expect the people in business suits to try some shady deals but we are not supposed to bend to their corporate greed. Finding the right company to give money to for an acceptable product is something that needs to be ended and outed. Without the proper rules or oversight this is going to continue to happen and it will cost American tax payers the most.

STUDENT 2 (brian):

The ethical standards of government and contractor personnel are as simple as the morals and values that should be used to conduct successful business. The (CMBOK, 2013) uses the word, professional, to define individuals in the contracting field. A critical piece to any job field and requires training and resources to remain compliant. The word professional is a very strong characteristic for individual to follow. Many should strive to emulate and practice strong ethics by remaining fair and balanced but many fall short. The (CMBOK, 2013) uses the elements of formalized documents, ethics managers and officers, formal training and separate compliant system to investigate and ensure proper ethics are being practiced. The word ethics is described by dictionary.com as a system of moral principles. Ethics can be the baseline for how you conduct yourself on a daily basis. However sometimes lines can be blurred and following a code of ethics may waver. Ethics can be linked to the goals of the federal acquisition process by way that you want to build a trusting and respected relationship to achieve the best results. The goals of the federal acquisition process are defined in (CMBOK, 2013) as providing a quality product or service for a competitive price and within the terms and timelines of the contract. The goals of the acquisition process depend on both parties following the code of ethics and remain fair and impartial in regards to contact process.

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Norby, M., Smith, E., Smith, R., & Rumbaugh, M. G. (2013). Contract management body of knowledge (CMBOK) (4th ed.). Ashburn, VA: National Contract Management Association.

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