Explain how is Lewin’s change model work

Give me a good one no need citation but you have to summary the whole picture for each power point and pick 2-3 that you think important and explain why important. How can use for leadership. This class is OC ( organization leadership change model)
Summary what did we learn from this power point for this for each week? Pick the most important 2-3 thing and then explain make it go together. I need at least 2 pages per each week. thank you.
For week 3 I need you summary and talk about;
How different between leaders and manager , is go together or what ?
type of leadership – explain
Explain how is Lewin’s change model work
And then 
conclusion how can use this model in organization
Week #4
Summary and pick important;
1. explain collective or collaborative approach prtatice
2. Explain Strategy planing
3. Explain Kotter’s 8 model how it fit in organization, how it work
Week #5 
Summary and then give 2-3 important thing. I like you to look at
1. What is scenarios and how we can we use this in our organization give example
2. Explain scenario paining why important
3. When should a company use scenario and what is the key assumption in using scenario
It is from another course so the content will be different.

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