Flapper by Joshua Zeitz Paper

Paper Rubric:

2-3 pages (12 point, double-spaced, normal margins)

You want to demonstrate two things with this paper.

First, show me that you read the book. Recap/summarize it in a concise way.

Second, show me you thought about it. Consider things like what the author’s thesis was, why he/she wrote it, what was the bigger story he/she was trying to tell. What interested you about the book? Why did I assign it?

This is a free form kind of paper, but make sure that grammar and punctuation are clean and correct.

You shouldn’t have to worry about outside citations, but if you do use one, use a style you are familiar with and be consistent. Don’t use overly long quotations (more than a line or so). When you do cite, make sure you include a page number.

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