For this assignment, you will create a simulated project status report.

Project Progress Report
IT project managers must have a system or process in place that allows them to measure ongoing status of project activities in real time (Pinto, 2016).During execution, it is important to have periodic status meetings with key stakeholders to report on project progress. During these meetings, risks can present themselves. It is important to identify the risks quickly and find out how they are being addressed and if they have any effect on project goals.The execution phase has steps that include implementing the deliverables, monitoring and controlling the execution of the plan, and conducting reviews at each phase. As you monitor and control the project in terms of time, cost, quality, change, risk, procurement, and acceptance, various issues and communications management may occur.InstructionsReporting is an essential part of project management. For this assignment, you will create a simulated project status report. Assume that you are going to present this report to your key stakeholders at a status meeting. To prepare for the meeting, you will create a 2–3-page status report that provides a recap of the project progress.You can use fictitious names, made-up data, and reasonable values that are appropriate and fit into your project. You are provided a status report template in the Resources. This template will help you concentrate on your critical thinking and analytical skills in regard to holding a status meeting and creating a status report.Your report needs to contain the following elements:
Updated WBS.
Deliverables completed to date.
Revised or actual schedule (if applicable).
Budgeted cost versus revised or actual cost.
Issues log (see template).
You may also use your organization’s template if you prefer a format with which you are already familiar. Just be sure to cover the required elements.You are also provided a student work sample in the Resources. These can help you understand the scope and level of detail expected of this assignment. This assignment is due at the end of this unit. Be sure to review the Project Progress Report Scoring Guide so you know how your assignment will be graded.RequirementsThis assignment should be 2–3 pages in length (not including WBS and issues log) and include accurate APA sixth edition citations and references, if applicable. In the real world, APA is not required, but professional writing skills are expected.ReferencePinto, J. K. (2016). Project management: Achieving competitive advantage (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
Course Project – ISTM5015 – Jul 11 2016 to Sep 16 2016 -…
Project 2 – Disaster RecoveryYour global company houses four enterprise systems in a hardened data center. These include the company accounting system, customer relationship management (CRM) system, technical support system, and the e-mail system. Due to many recent environmental disasters, it is critical to have a disaster recovery site at least 100 miles away from the main data center. In the event of a disaster, the fail over time should be within 4 hours.
I have also attach the first step to the project for you.

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