For this week ’ s contribution to the overall capstone project, collaborate and discuss with the… 1 answer below »

For this week’s contribution to the overall capstone project, collaborate and discuss with the team’s Security Specialist about the security and privacy of the software and hardware solution for Verbania. Provide best security practices and guidelines to implement and follow, as well as the creation of formal security policies and a security plan. Include the following policies in your IT security policy:

Disaster recovery

Password creation and protection

Remote access

Routers and switches security

Wireless communication

Server security

Acceptable encryption


Document the team’s security plan, security policy and security solution.

Within the template, prepare 5–7 pages of content addressing the team’s System Design. Insert content into the template document under Section Three.

Part 3 – Individual Project – Submit to the Unit 3 IP Area

This part of the assignment is FOR GRADING for this week. This assignment is a document addressing security and should be submitted to the week’s individual drop box.

Individual Submission

Consider the overall team project solution (hardware and software) relative to security. Create and submit a 3-4-page Word document defining your recommendations concerning security. Be sure to articulate reasons for specific choices. Include in your document an explanation about the relationship between the IT security policy and the chosen security mechanisms for your overall solution. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts with the team’s Security Specialist

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