Formal Communication, communications assignment help

1.Formal Communication

Describe the formal communication network in your current or past place of employment, if not employed discuss an organization, division, or department with which you have been a member. Discuss why you think the communication network has taken this form and how successfully it seems to meet the business’s needs.


Using the Internet, find a company that has a corporate social responsibility program and study what the company’s website says about that program. What kind of image as a corporate citizen is the company trying to project, and how? How convincing is this effort, in your opinion, and why?

3.Chapter Two

Letters, memorandums, and email messages can differ more than in their physical make up. Explain and discuss.


How does Twitter, Facebook and email differ from one another? Does one form of communication lead itself to being able to include more information over another? What might be the advantages of one medium over another?

5.Social Media

Discuss the reasons for social networking’s phenomenal growth. Does your organization use social media for business purposes? If so, how? Describe what works well and what does not.

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