Freedom of information is the extension of freedom of speech. Freed of speech has a lot of roles…

Freedom of information is the extension of freedom of speech.  Freed of speech has a lot of roles when it to policy making to curb societal problems (Dardé, 2011). Some of the issues in the societal remain s unsolved because those people who have enough information are not given time to express the root cause of the problem and hence some people are most affected by the issues. So, when every person is given freedom of speech, then he or she will be in a position to share the problem affecting the nation and also the way forward to tackle the challenge.

For instance, many youths are suffering due to unemployment challenges. Since teens are the victim, for examp solve the issue (Marquardt, 2015).  Also, in many organizations, people are sacked without even any notice, and they end up being jobless in society. Thus, freedom of information will assist in the development or making of the policies that will enforce justice in the community.

With the freedom to speech, citizens will be in a position to expose the leaders in the society who are corrupt, which in turn cause such a problem in the nation. Leaders got a more significant influence when it comes to challenges affecting the community (Marquardt, 2015). Such big people in the city go unquestioned because everyone fears to expose them. However, when the policies protect every person, that person will be in a better position to explain the root cause of the problem.



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