give feedback to the following responce, Maximillian Barney, CEO and president of Biotech, during a

give feedback to the following responce,

Maximillian Barney, CEO and president of Biotech, during a virtual meeting with various Heads of marketing was contemplating as to whether her managers should be viewed as leaders too. With recent drop in sales in food supplements after General Mills and Nestle stepped on the market scene, the question as to whom should handle this matter was brought to the table. Should the resolve for this issue come from the top or be handled by the managers at a lower level? Looking back on week one that discusses the role of today's modern manager, Max realizes that managers are in fact leaders too, not just the owners of the company. Industrial age company's were structured in a way that gave all control to management starting from the top down to employees using a formal hierarchy structure (Ivey Business Journal, 2010). The modern manager of today, post industrial age allows for employees to basically be managers of themselves to a certain degree. It also requires that managers engage more with employees giving them the power to become creatively involved in certain aspects of the company using innovation (Ivey Business Journal, 2010).

With this in mind, Max takes a closer look at what makes a successful leader. A successful leader in management is one that can lead, encourage, motivate, take risks, while achieving goals that exceed expectations for the company (Linkedin, 2014). Motivation is a very important quality to be able to give to employees, especially when constant changes throughout the company are inevitable. Understanding how to lead a team of employees that are motivated through what the company has to offer and by great leadership and management skills is a recipe for a successful and profitable organization. Max understands that leaders come in so many different forms with so many different titles. Yes, owners are also leaders, but not as engaged as managers are with their employees. With the recent drop in sales it is imperative that both owners, but especially managers come up with a strategic plan as to how to increase their sales. One manager mentioned using their own ideas and talents to figure out what's needed in order to boost sales. This is the kind of mentality Max is looking for out of all of her managers. Leaders know how to take initiative and don't necessarily wait to be told what to do. As stated earlier, employees can also manage amongst themselves when given the proper tools from management. From the top where the owners make the big decisions all the way to the very bottom where employees as well as managers are using strategic ways to boost sales making decisions on their own, every employee plays a significant role in the overall success of Biotech company.


This is in refrence to the following activity,

This week, we look at leadership from the manager’s perspective and explore the differences looking at leadership from a leader’s perspective. Managers focus on process, procedure, and implementation of the organization’s purpose. A manager's perspective is about getting the job done and keeping stability.

In a recent virtual management meeting the Heads of the various marketing departments of Biotech met to discuss the recent decline in sales of food supplements since Nestle and General Mills entered the market. In a meeting to get direction on how to fix the drop in sales, the question came up about who should handle the matter – the marketing managers or the owners. One manager said, “A problem like this should have a solution from the top.” Another manager responded, “I do not agree. We have dips in sales all the time and we go out and fix them using our own ideas and talent.” “I agree, managers are leaders too” another voice said. Maximillian Barney sat back in the Yonkers conference room away from the camera noting that the Americans wanted to move on their own, the Europeans held back but signaled agreement with the Americans. The rest were quiet.   Maximillian pondered, “How do I see my managers – are they leaders too?”

Looking back at week one theorists and our readings this week, how should Maximillian answer this question?

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