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List six references for your research paper in APA format. Below each reference writes one paragraph in which you analyze the credibility of the source and discuss its relevance for your research question. Please review the Breadth Area Essays Resources (course menu) for information about selecting appropriate references.  As a senior, having written many APA-formatted papers at this point in your learning journey, it is expected that you are well versed in how to do this and/or that you know where to find resources to assist you.

Proposed Thesis Statement

Submit your proposed thesis statement.  Please review the Breadth Area Essays Resources (course menu) for help with formulating a thesis statement. 

Draft Outline

Develop an outline of the body of your paper—the review of the literature—that provides support for your thesis statement. You should generally have three main headings in the body of your paper, which are indicated in your thesis statement. Then, below those, list supporting points for each heading, identifying the source or sources you think you will use for those points (from among the articles on your reference list).  This resource from OWL Purdue may be of help in developing your outline

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