Goodwill Letter Writing Sctivity

When you were ill recently, your office colleague Emily filled in for you at the Home Exposition Show in St. Louis, Missouri. She also made a presentation that you were scheduled to deliver. Apparently, it went exceptionally well because customers responded with orders for the new exercise ball your company is promoting. Compose a goodwill message thanking Emily for filling in for you while you were out sick. Use similar business letter format as the example in Chapter 8 (page 266).

Task 1: You will create a new discussion topic with your thank-you letter.
Task 2: You will critique 3 of your classmates thank-you letters by focusing on the following items:

  • Does the writer adhere to standard business letter format?
  • Does the writer show appreciation for the favor?
  • Does the writer explain the importance of the gesture?
  • Is the writer selfless, specific, sincere, and spontaneous?
  • Is the thank-you letter short?
  • Is the document free of mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.)?
  • Is the document free of awkward and wordy phrasing?
  • How could the letter be reworded or changed to improve it?

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