Governance of Project Management – Human Resource Management Assignment Help Topic: Any area of…

Governance of Project Management – Human Resource Management Assignment Help


Any area of project management that is related to the weekly topics and adds a significant body of new material, a different perspective or depth to the information already covered in the course lecture material. It is important that you extend your knowledge and that of the class beyond what will be covered in this unit during the term. There is scope to research and present more information about many of the weekly topics. For example, in the Quality Management topic some students may wish to investigate Six Sigma or ICT students may wish to cover more detail about quality management in the Software Engineering discipline.
Any other topic that is related to project management that is approved by your tutor.

Some suggested topics include:
Oversight/Governance of Project Management
Project Value Management
International Projects
Systems Engineering and Project Management
Project Procurement Management
Human Resource Management including topics such as: i) Motivation theories ii) Team building
In this assignment, you can also draw from your experiences and incorporate them into the assignment. If you don’t have any work/project experience, that’s fine too. You can also take the opportunity to be controversial and find academic and trade literature that challenges an aspect of the material you are presenting.

Both on-campus and off-campus students are required to produce the script for the presentation. The script must include some potential questions and responses indicating where you would pose questions to engage your audience. In addition, the end of the script is to include three potential questions (with their answers) that you would anticipate being asked by your audience at the end of the presentation.

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