Group Proposal Project Instruction—single spaced

The topic is gun violence

This is group work, I will the part three and I will upload other members’ work.

Please read the instruction carefully.

  1. Problem statement

    First, think about your role (why are you writing this proposal), and the client of the proposal (what did they ask you to do?). What does your client already know, and what information are the client likely to be seeking from you? You will introduce this frame as you begin your problem statement. One important thing to remember is, your team is not writing a proposal for public or unknown people. Your team is requested to write a proposal by a client, therefore the primary audience of your proposal is the client (read topic document to find who the client of your proposal is). In this part of the paper, explain why this proposal is necessary (e.g. “This proposal includes … in response to (client)’s request that we research alternative ….”). In any situation there are always a series of limits on the choices and options that a decision maker is facing, and you need to articulate these. For example, is there time pressure, limited financial resources, outside rule makers, conditions that must be fulfilled? Essentially, what constrains the flexibility and makes any proposal a bit difficult? The assumption is that the options are not obvious, no simple choice exists, and there is probably disagreement or uncertainty about how to proceed. This section should be between 1-2 single-spaced pages.

    Please do not declare your recommendation at this point in the proposal. Because you did not arrive at your final recommendation until after you conducted research, considered possible solutions, and applied criteria developed to narrow these down to a single recommendation, you want to take your audience on this journey, too. That means you don’t want to begin by telling them your final recommendation before presenting research, etc.

  2. Research (methods, possible solutions, and solution criteria)

    First, this section begins by explaining what sources of information you used to make a decision. This does not mean that you need to identify what kind of information channels (e.g., books, website,) were used. Rather, focus on the creators of the information. This will show the readers of your proposal that you reviewed a range of sources, and relied on credible sources. In other words, before you go into describing what you learned and possible suggestions, write a paragraph on how you went about selecting the sources of information you used. Here you will want to present a range of research reflecting an objective approach (don’t just present research supporting one “position” – consider about who are the stakeholders of the issue and try to reflect their opinions. For example, you will need to think about the proponents and opponents of the issue you have).

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Second, introduce and briefly describe possible solutions (must suggest multiple solutions) that came up while conducting research. After presenting several possible options, develop evaluation criteria that you will use to narrow down this list of solutions. What solutions hold the most potential? Which solutions are most practical in light of limitations described in introduction? In the last paragraph of this section, you will describe the criteria you developed, and present the final recommendation you identified based on applying criteria. Here you will just note your final recommendation briefly, as this paragraph will serve as a transition to the recommendations section.

3. Final recommendation and justification

Think this section as the conclusion of your proposal. You should clearly articulate which option you are recommending (suggest only one solution as the final recommendation). Because you are making final recommendation rather than suggesting multiple possible options, make sure to explain why this is the best option (avoid persuasion – try to convince your client of the final recommendation using objective information). Please do not just repeat words in the earlier parts of the paper. Instead, focus on providing your audience with a clear picture of what you suggest they do, in sufficient detail. Then, describe implementation factors. To be complete, you need to ensure your client is aware of what you are recommending, and what needs to be done to ensure the successful implementation of the recommendation. To address implementation, you will want to address financing, timelines, resource requirements, agencies necessary, and approvals that may need to be obtained. Also, briefly describe expected outcome(s) of your recommendation. This section should not exceed 2 single-spaced pages. 

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