Health Care Strategic Planning

Assessment 1 Overview of Strategic Plan


Prepare a 3 page overview of the strategic planning process that identifies the strategic planning outcomes, describes the key components of the planning process, defines the planning schedule, and analyzes past strategies to determine reasons for success or failure.

What are the components of a strategic plan?

Why is each component important to the success of the overall plan?

Assessment Instructions

Your overview should address the following:

1. Identify the strategic planning outcomes. Keep in mind that the outcomes should be specific and measurable.

2. Describe the key components of the strategic planning process.

3. Define the strategic planning schedule.

4. Analyze past strategies to determine the reasons for their successes and failures. *Explain the strategies used in the past.

5. Identify the factors that contributed to the success or failure of the strategies.

6. Explain how this information can be used to improve your process as you complete the assessments in this course.

Additional Requirements

Include a title page and reference page.

Number of pages: 3, not including title page and reference page.

Number of resources: At least 3.

APA format for citations and references.

Font and spacing: Times New Roman, 12 point; double-spaced

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