Health Economics – Preventive Measure – Save Money or Not, economics homework help

cost effective preventive health measures – does preventive care save money or not? What are the cost savings or benefits and who benefits?


3 pages – double spaced – Need to cover at least two or more economic concepts/terms in your essay discussion. The economic concepts/terms include: theory of exchange, terms of trade, demand vs. supply, scarcity, opportunity cost, willingness to pay, trade, money flows in a circle, marginal costs, marginal benefits, rational choice theory, marginal revenue, price sensitivity, price discrimination, marginal productivity, needs vs. demand, efficiency, QALY, adverse selection, risk aversion, moral hazard, capitation, licensure, information asymmetry.


I. Health economic situation introduction (10%)

a. A clear, concise and brief statement of a current health economic situation.

b. A description of the problem(s), which was aimed at resolving, including an estimate of its extent and importance.

II. Major political/economic forces (major part of the paper, 30%)

a. A description of the social, economic and political factors affecting the origin, development and implementation of the health economic situation. b. Discuss the major institutions, population groups, and interest groups involved in this healthcare process.

c. Who is winning and who is losing from the current process?

III. Current situation (Status Quo) and potential alternatives (40%)

a. How well the current performs in relation to the effort and resources committed to it.

b. Possible options/alteration of the present situation with pros and cons.

c. which economic methods will be used to analyze and to compare the alternatives? e.g. CBA or cost-benefit analysis?

d. what criteria do you use for comparison?

IV. Summary of economic analysis and recommendations (10%)

V. References (10%)

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