Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

Define preventive health. List several examples of preventive health care on both a national and personal scale.

2. List nine (9) social and environmental issues that affect the quality of everyone’s well-being.

3. Explain Healthy People 2020.

4. Explain National Children’s Agenda.

5. Explain Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

6. Explain Healthy Child Care America.

7. Explain National Health and Safety Performance Standards for Child Care.

8. Explain No Child Left Behind.

9. Explain Coordinated School Health Program (SCHP).

10. Explain The National Children’s Study.

11. What is a contemporary definition of health?

12. Name the two (2) main factors that influence child’s health.

13. List the contrast between well-nourished children and poorly nourished children.

14. Define heredity and predisposition.

15. Define sedentary and food insecurity.

16. Define safety.

17. Why is it important for teachers to have an awareness of the skills and abilities typical of each developmental stage in children?

18. List seven (7) factors that affect the quality and rate of growth in children.

19. List six (6) special health concerns for infants.

20. Define development, neurons and plasticity.

21. What unintentional injuries pose the greatest threat to young children?

22. List seven (7) orthopedic conditions that warrant early diagnosis and treatment.

23. List four (4) purposes for temporary teeth.

24. How can families and teachers promote children’s social-emotional development?

25. Why must a teacher have a positive personal self-esteem?

26. Explain emotional climate.

27. Define toxic stress. List eight (8) everyday events that can lead to undue anxiety in children.

28. List two (2) types of bullies.

29. List eight (8) signs of childhood depression.

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