HI everyone, URGENT HOMEWORK Essay #2: Developing an ArgumentFollowing are the details of what we’ll be tackling for Essay #2.  What is an issue we could argue in society for positive change? –Ess


Essay #2: Developing an Argument

Following are the details of what we’ll be tackling for Essay #2.  What is an issue we could argue in society for positive change? 

–Essay must contain a PERSUASIVE thesis, which will be supported with evidence in the body of the paper

–Essay must be within 3.5-4 pp (works cited content not withstanding)

–Must incorporate all Aristotelean appeals (logos, ethos, pathos)

–Must include MINIMUM of 4 resources with as many DIRECT quotations. Quotes must be set up in this way: 

According to author, “quote” (author’s last name). 

–Must include in-text citations after EACH direct quote according to MLA. See instructions here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. 

–Paraphrase all material that is researched; any ideas not rooted in  your memory/knowledge (include parenthetical citations for MLA style)

–Double space, 12-point font, include a creative title

–Layout can execute as follows:

  1. Intro

–Include hook strategy (anecdote, quote, question, joke, fact, etc)

–Include background info of the issue (society’s view, per se)

–Thesis in 1-2 sentences (debatable, rooted in opinion, “persuasive accessibility”)

Example Thesis statements: 

  • Legalizing prostitution in the United States would improve the economy because it would create jobs.
  • The concept of climate change should not receive the amount of  attention that is currently focused on this issue because the earth  constantly goes through spells of warming and cooling; the increasing  temperature of the earth is but a part of this natural cycle and out of  human control.
  • In order to cut down on divorce rates in the U.S., we must work to  improve communications within personal and professional relationships.  (Note: NEEDS A HOW COMPONENT—TOO VAGUE AS IS)
  1. Supporting idea 1

–topic sentence

–quote, paraphrase


III.  Supporting idea 2

  1. Supporting idea 3

Etc etc

  1. Conclusion
  2. Works cited

Notes for effective results:

–Choose something you are emotionally connected to

–Adopt writing voice that is “objectively subjective”

–Include any personal ties

–Use a variety of sources/voices for support

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