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Write analysis of current event/news article. the report must be related to the chapter’s concept, issues and points. . The article or the event must be current within the last 12 months . (Chapter 9)

Maximum of five paraghraphs which discuss the relationship of the article with the chapter’s concepts. Clearly, links the chapter concepts with the discussion on article.

The report must discusses 3 concepts from the chapter and relate them to the Article

The following must be achived :

Include some information from the text and include in text citation .

List the concept at the beginning of the report

1. The qulity of article including factor . such as , quality of organization of who wrote it .

2. the issue ( concept / point ) from the article which relate to the chapter are identified at the beginning of the report . they can be done in a point form or table .

3. formatted in APA style and in text work cited

4. chapters articles citation must include page number ( in text citation )

The textbook can not be attached because its long, but it is online for free in this link Edwards, J.; Try, D.; Ketchen, D.; Short, J. (2014). Mastering strategic management (1stCanadian ed.). BC Campus. Retrieved from http://open.bccampus.ca/find-open-textbooks/?uuid=91cdcf18-273d-44cc-8432-865d09005fda&contributor=&keyword=&subject

We need only to look at and read chapter 9 in this book for this assignment

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