How do you see the campaign as integrated?, marketing homework help


  • Choose one brand and attach or cite links to examples 3 different promotional mix elements within one integrated communication campaign– not 3 digital media examples, but 3 forms of communication [cell phone pictures can be used as examples]. For each example identify [bullet point answers are fine]:
  • How do you see the campaign as integrated?

Identify the element of the promotional mix shown by each example and then address the following questions:

  • What demographic is being addressed
  • The media/location where the advertising/promotion occurred,
  • The message being conveyed,
  • At what point in the decision making process does the advertisement/promotion reach the consumer, and
  • Whether the focus is to build brand equity/awareness, drive trial/purchase or reinforce purchase.

I have to turn this thru turn it in so no plagiarism please.

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