How many containers are needed for widjits? 1 answer below »

An assembly line requires two components: gadjits and widjits. Gadjits are produced by center 1 and widjits by center 2. Each unit of the end item, called a jit-together. requires 3 gadjits and 2 widjits, as shown in Figure 8.10. The daily production quota on the assembly line is 800 jit-togethers. The container for gadjits holds 80 units. The policy variable for center 1 is set at 0.09. The average waiting time for a container of gadjits is 0.09 day, and 0.06 day is needed to produce a container. The container for widjits holds 50 units, and the policy variable for center 2 is 0.08. The average waiting time per container of widgits is 0.14 day. and the time required to process a container is 0.20 day.

a. How many containers are needed for gadjits?

b. How many containers are needed for widjits?

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