How to handle violence in the news

Write a four-page response about this case study.
How to handle violence in the news (live TV, internet news, newspaper)

How journalists decide to handle what is happening in the news cycle and how far it should be explored for the local/national/international news audience. A few examples: car chase on live TV, shootings on live TV or live streaming (one recent example: Facebook live), beheadings by ISIS, hostage situations, etc.
Please address the following questions:

What is your title/position?
What company do you work for? (If you are currently a media practitioner, you may reflect on your own experiences. If not, you are allowed to hypothetically create a position that you wish to hold in the future.)
What is your strategy in covering this particular event?
How do you protect the rights of the victims (if applicable), with the audience’s right to know?
Your response should include the following:

A factual summary of the ethical dilemma.
Your personal evaluation of the problem.
Your recommendation for successfully dealing with dilemma.
A complete bibliography of all works consulted and cited in your paper. (minimum four sources.)
Adhere very closely to the rubric for success on this assignment
Please pay special attention to assignment requirements – make sure all posed questions are answered and readings are completed
You are to include a minimum of FOUR scholarly sources
Please make sure your sources are properly cited in-text and on the reference page, using APA format


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